Buy, Sell, Loan & Lay-by

Sell or Loan (Pledge)

All you need is gold, gold jewellery, small electronic devices like a smart phone, laptop, iPad, Tablet, Games console, electronic games etc.

You can loan against your items with a traditional Pawn broking style Pledge Loan or you can sell your items and receive a fair evaluation and price for your items. All you need is Government issued ID, proof of address and in some instances secondary forms of ID. You will receive cash on the spot for either your pledge loan or sold item/s.

Pledge loans or the selling of your goods to us is fast, easy and efficient.


Buy & Lay-by

Cash Stop offer for sale a variety of quality second-hand/used items, all items are offered at bargain prices.

For purchases, Cash Stop offers our customers the choice of outright purchase or lay-by. We accept cash or we can arrange for lay-by payments via direct debit from your nominated bank account.


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