Online Loans Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Cash Advance / Online Cash Loan?

A Cash Advance / Online Cash Loan is a short-term loan for a small amount for those who need fast cash before Payday. For Online Cash Loans we deposit the cash directly into your nominated bank account and you repay the loan over your next few paydays.

2. How long does it take to approve?

Your Cash Advance / Online Cash Loan will be approved in a timely manner after you have submitted the application and required supporting documents during business hours; Cash Stop will notify you by email once your Online Cash Advance has been approved.

3. How do I get the money and how soon?

Once your Cash Advance / Online Cash Loan has been approved and you have electronically signed your contract funds will be sent via Instant Payment (NPP) within 15 minutes any time of the day.

If your bank does not support instant payments (NPP) then your funds will be transferred automatically via regular direct credit which may take 24-48 hours to appear in your account depending on your financial institution.

4. Do I need to fax or email any documents?

The application is paperless. However, generally the Credit Provider will need to see Identity documents, Banking history and Proof of Income before completing the assessment of your application, unless electronic statements and identity checking are provided/available.

5. What are the fees on a cash advance?

All rates and fees available upon request and are fully disclosed in your contract documents for your review and acceptance. Our Small Amount Advances are provided as SACCs which have Establishment Fee equaling 20% of the amount borrowed and a monthly fee of 4% of the amount borrowed.

Our Medium Amount Advances are provided as MACCs. All loans falling into the category of a Medium Amount Advance (Medium Amount Credit Contract – MACC) are subject to maximum amount of fees, charges and/or interest as follows: Loan Settlement Fee (Establishment Fee) $400. Maximum fees, charges and or Interest however expressed equal to a maximum all inclusive equivalent cost rate of 48% APR (excluding the $400 fee).

6. Is there an Application fee?

We do not charge an Application fee for cash advance small amount credit contract loans.

7. When I pay off my Cash Advance / Online Cash Loan, how soon can I receive another one?

Once your final repayment is visible on your bank statement, which is usually 24 hours, you can apply for another Online Cash Loan, however some restrictions apply to the number of permitted small amount credit contract (SACC) loans permitted by law.

8. Can I pay off my Cash Advance / Online Cash Loan early?

Yes, if the Cash Advance / Online Cash Loan is paid off early, the Credit Provider may charge a fee on a MACC loan. For a SACC loan, there are no additional fees, only due permitted monthly fees are chargeable.

9. Can I still get a Cash Advance / Online Cash Loan if I have a poor Credit History?

We will review all your current circumstances not just your credit history.

10. What information is verified with my payroll office?

The information may include the following:

  • Employment status – full-time, part-time or casual
  • Length of employment
  • Banking details
  • Income
  • Pay schedule
  • Address
  • DOB

When applying you give approval for this verification.

11. Why do I need to contact my Payroll Office?

Due to the Privacy Act, most companies won’t give out an employee’s details without their verbal or written consent.

12. How much can I borrow?

Online applicants can apply for amounts up to $5,000*,  naturally all applications are subject to responsible lending criteria and assessment.

13. Can I cancel my Cash Advance / Online Cash Loan?

Yes, you have the right to cancel your Loan Contract providing no funds have been transferred to your nominated Account/Card.

14. Do I need to provide security?

No, Online Cash Advance and Small Amount Credit Contract / Medium Amount Credit Contract Loans are unsecured.

15. What if I cannot repay on the due date?

If you fail to make payments the cost of your loan may increase.

If you need to change a payment contact us as soon as possible. We always work with our customers to ensure that their repayments are  affordable at all times during their loan and understand that circumstances may change. By advising us ahead of time, you can avoid the payment dishonour fees imposed by your bank. If you need to change your payment you need to contact us at least 2 days before your payment is due. . If you loan carries over into a new monthly period you may also be liable for another monthly fee (4%) as per your loan contract.

If your direct debit fails due to insufficient funds in your account or you miss or default on a scheduled payment you may be charged a dishonour/default fee by your bank plus a $40 dishonour fee by Cash Stop.

If we can’t recover the money after 60 days and following the issuing or all required notices we may place a default on your credit file. This default will be marked as paid once you have fully repaid your loan including any fees. It will however remain on your credit file for up to 5 years.

16. How do I repay my Cash Advance / Online Cash Loan?

The instalment repayment method is generally via Direct Debit from your nominated bank account on your next payday/s.

17. When are you open for business?

We accept online applications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and if you apply during our business hours (9am – 5pm Business Days); your loan application will be assessed and if approved you will receive funding within 15 minutes in most cases.

18. Why isn't the Online Application working for me?

Please ensure that you are using Internet Explorer Version 8 or higher or the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

19. Why am I not able to login?

Try resetting your password. If you are still not able to log in; email or contact us using our online web chat and one of our staff will be happy to assist you.

* The final decision is up to the Credit Provider. Your loan amount is determined based on the information you provide in your application and the lender’s responsible lending assessment and qualifying criteria.