Right of refusal

  1. Cash Stop reserves the unconditional right, without challenge or review, to refuse to provide one or more financial products to an individual or a class of individuals, as Cash Stop may exclusively and from time to time determine and without explanation.
  2. The acceptance of a consumer’s application on one occasion does not guarantee that Cash Stop will make the same, or similar, decision to accept the same consumer’s application, or group of consumers’ applications, on another and later occasion, notwithstanding any similarity of circumstances.
  3. To be successful, applicants for all financial products must meet all regulatory requirements expected of and applicable to their application for the purchase of any product.

Decision criteria

  1. Cash Stop reserves the exclusive right to establish criteria for the acceptance or rejection of applications to purchase its products.
  2. Cash Stop reserves the right to vary the criteria for refusal and for the employment of such criteria in making determinations, from time to time, from store to store, and as between internet and store delivered product.
  3. Other general or product specific conditions may apply from time to time, and from store to store, which may be different, or in addition to, conditions previously employed by Cash Stop. The consumer is invited to telephone, email and/or visit a Cash Stop store, or participate in an on-line chat, to receive complete clarification of contemporary conditions.


  1. Cash Stop reserves the right to request documentation evidencing a consumer’s claim or circumstances. Denial of this request may result in refusal of an application to purchase a product.
  2. Documentation provided in response to any Cash Stop request may be examined and copied by Cash Stop, whether provided by the consumer or their agent by way of original or faxed copy and such copies shall be kept on the consumer’s file for a minimum period, as determined by law or by Cash Stop, whichever is the longer.
  3. Cash Stop reserves the right to examine filed documentation and make an assessment including but not limited to, issues of identity, residential status and financial circumstances based, in part or whole, on that examination at the time of its provision and at some future date from that of receipt of the documentation, when the consumer makes a further application, or further applications, to purchase any Cash Stop product.

Cash Stop and law enforcement authorities

  1. Cash Stop, in the fulfilment of its legal obligations under laws relating to money laundering, the financing of terrorism, taxation, second hand goods, crime in general and any other applicable laws that may be passed by the Parliament from time to time may, at its absolute discretion, determine that a relevant authority be informed of information or goods in the possession of Cash Stop.
  2. Cash Stop will not entertain any representation by a person or organisation claiming to represent a consumer, without that consumer’s genuine and written permission.

Consumer complaints

  1. Without exception, Cash Stop works with all its customers and expects all consumers who may have a concern, a feeling of dissatisfaction and/or a complaint after entering into an arrangement to purchase a product from Cash Stop, to honour their contractual obligations, the message included on any credit guide previously provided to the consumer by the company, and the general intentions of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 – by first making an application to Cash Stop’s Internal Disputes Resolution scheme Manager and awaiting the outcome of that application, in accordance with the law, before seeking the assistance of any external dispute resolution scheme.


  1. All Cash Stop advertising is presented as an invitation to the general public to make further enquiries in regard to the product/s advertised, by way of access to the listed phone number, website and/or store visit.
  2. Any decision by a consumer to purchase a product from Cash Stop will be on the assumption, by Cash Stop that, if responding to a Cash Stop advertisement, the consumer has accepted that the advertisement is an offer to make further enquiries and the consumer has made all relevant enquiries beyond accepting the general statements included in the Cash Stop advertisement.
  3. Cash Stop will make every endeavour to include relevant and truthful information in its advertising, but no advertisement shall be accepted by a consumer as including all the conditions associated with the purchase of the advertised product, or that the representation of a condition in any Cash Stop advertisement is the entire detail of that condition, or that the representation of a condition in an advertisement implies any position of priority in the total conditions applying to the product advertised.
  4. In the event that a consumer interprets the content of an advertisement to be different to the content of the Cash Stop contract entered into, the contract content will prevail.
  5. Cash Stop seeks to offer competitive rates – fees, charges and interest – but does not guarantee or imply that, at all times, any rate is necessarily the cheapest in the consumer’s market place, nor attempt to match every competitor’s fees, charges and interest rates, if any.

Consumer’s duty to make reasonable enquiries

  1. Cash Stop expects the consumer to have attempted due diligence, by way of enquiry as to the conditions offered by other suppliers of the same product sought by the consumer and, as a consequence and to that extent, any decision by a consumer to purchase a product from Cash Stop shall be an informed one.
  2. Cash Stop expects the consumer to have made a thoughtful and researched decision as to the consumer’s needs and wants, in the context of an objective appraisal of the consumer’s lifestyle, before applying for a Cash Stop product.

Loan Payment Refund Policy

  1. Under general circumstances, refunds will not be issued for payments made against a loan product.


These specific terms and conditions are to be read in addition to the above General Terms and Conditions and relate to specific Cash Stop product and/or service(s)

Cheque cashing

  1. Cash Stop reserves the right to provide the net value of the bills of exchange/cheque, by way of cash and/or electronic transfer into a consumer nominated bank account.
  2. Cash Stop makes no representation as to how its applicable fees compare with its cheque cashing competitors and relies on the consumer to undertake his/her own competitor evaluation.

Consumer loans

  1. At its absolute discretion, Cash Stop may provide Small Amount Credit Contract (SACC) loans, generally from $300 up to $2,000 and for terms of 16 Days to 1 year inclusive.
  2. At its absolute discretion, Cash Stop may provide Medium Amount Credit Contract (MACC) loans, generally from $2,001 up to $5,000 and for terms of 16 Days to 2 years inclusive.
  3. Where Cash Stop has stores or credit representatives, Cash Stop will provide the net loan funds or principal by way of cheque, money order and/or cash (singly or in combination), as may be agreed between the company and the consumer during the application process and in accordance with Cash Stop conditions applying at the time.
  4. For all internet consumers, Cash Stop shall provide the net loan funds or principal by way of electronic transfer, or cash deposit to the consumer’s nominated bank account.
  5. At its absolute discretion and with a commitment to efficiency and timely service, Cash Stop reserves the right to take appropriate time, as it alone may determine as an Australian Credit Licensee under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009, to fulfil the processes of application, mandatory responsible lending, suitability/unsuitability assessment and payment of loan funds by one or more of the means listed above.

Retail & Pawn Broking transactions

  1. There shall be no correspondence entered into concerning, or change in the contracted arrangements associated with, the price, interest, fees and/or charges, from the time the consumer enters into the contractual arrangement with Cash Stop.
  2. The fees and charges associated with Retail & Pawn Broking transactions may vary from time to time and from store to store.

Western Union money transfers

  1. The conditions associated with a Western Union money transfer shall be those displayed on the Western Union website from time to time.
  2. As an agent for Western Union, Cash Stop shall not be empowered to offer different conditions to those displayed on the Western Union website, unless authorised in writing by Western Union, before the consumer’s application.

Advances on future settlements

  1. Cash Stop’s advances on future settlements require that funds be secured on legal authority.
  2. Due to the vast variety of consumer circumstances associated with advances on future settlements, each application will be considered on its own merits and in accordance with mandatory requirements and company policy, which may vary the applicable conditions from time to time, at the absolute discretion of Cash Stop and as may be applicable between individual consumers, and between classes of consumers, and between stores.

Note: The above “General Terms & Conditions and Product Terms and Conditions” are provided by Cash Stop Financial Services (Cash Stop) to allow further understanding and/or clarification with regard to the products and/or services offered by Cash Stop. Cash Stop may modify any of the terms and conditions contained in this document, at any time at its sole discretion. Any modifications are effective upon posting of the revisions on the Cash Stop website accessible at https://www.cashstop.com.au/